Club Mahindra – Timeshare Holiday

Club Mahindra – Timeshare Holiday

Travel for 25 years at today’s prices

The concept of timeshares holiday at a different resort every year for a week for 25 years or more is such that it should have become famous. But the way timeshares have been sold for a good part of their decade-long history in India, they have only gained infamy. In the anything-goes days of the mid-nineties, timeshare operators came and went, robbing people stiff. The concept almost died. Most people who lost out are yet to recover their money, they probably never will. But that’s no reason why, if timeshares appeal to your idea of a holiday, you should continue to ignore them.

The industry has moved on. There are two players of some size in Club Mahindra and Sterling Holiday Resorts. There is a self-regulatory association in the All India Resort Development Association, which is putting in place rules for operators to conduct themselves. Still, before you make a commitment for 25 years, understand the concept, absorb its benefits and pitfalls, and compare packages and prices.

The concept

When you buy a timeshare, you effectively buy the right to spend a week each year in any of the resorts owned by the operator or by other operators it has a tie-up with. So, for instance, with a 25-year timeshare of Club Mahindra, you can spend a week every year in any of its 15 resorts. Alternatively, for an additional payment, you can also spend the week at any of the 3,700 resorts of Resorts Condominium International (RCI), with whom Club Mahindra has a tie up.

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