Club Mahindra – Social Activity for Students

Club Mahindra – Social Activity for Students

Distribution of Rain Coats to 250 school children from the nearby Govt. Primary Schools in and around Coorg Resort.

Date, venue and time 19.06.2007

Total number of volunteers at the event. 5 nos

No. of Non-employees (family, friends)

Panchayat President-Mr.Deen Bopanna and Mr.Sukumaran-Staff of K Nidugane Village Panchayat

What arrangements were made to prepare for the program?

All the schools were informed of the timings, so that all the students are present.

How did the program begin and end on the day? And what was the duration of the program.

Started with a small speech by Mr.Deen Bopanna, Panchayat President appreciating the contribution of Club Mahindra and then started distribution of the Rain Coats to the students. Four schools in K nidugane Village panchayat namely Govt Primary school-K Badaga, Karnengiri, Bhagavati Nagar and Hebbatgeri. The parents of the children are basically low income category and our activity is boon to them.

Some highlights of the activity that made memorable

Happiest School Children! The old umbrellas used by them do not give much relief from rain due to the gusty winds during monsoon and these rain coats are very helpful.

Share 4-5 feedback (written) received from volunteers and their friends (with names and departments) about the activity.

Panchayat officials and parents of wards appreciated the efforts put in by Club Mahindra for such a noble cause.

Feedback from a beneficiary (person or NGOs) that the activity has helped.

Parents and teachers were very happy. Some teachers commented that this will encourage parents to enroll their children in the school and are expecting more admissions in this year.

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