Club Mahindra – Social Initiative

Social Initiative – Club Mahindra takes care of recreation and entertainment at Vishranthi Home for Destitute women

Recreation and entertainment at Vishranthi Home for Destitute women, followed by special lunch served to all inmates. 

Date, venue and time       19th August 2006. 10am to 1pm

Vishranthi Home for Destitute Women, AVM Rajeswari Gardens, Palavakkam, Chennai. 

What arrangements were made to prepare for the program?

Sound and lights for the Mimicry, special dance. Magic show. Special lunch Menu for the aged ladies.

How did the program begin and end on the day? And what was the duration of the program   

10 to 11:30 Senthil of Raj TV did a mimicry show

11:30 to 12 Games were conducted for the old ladies

Followed by Magic Show, Lunch was served at 12:30pm

Some highlights of the activity that made memorable

Mimicry show of 300 different film personalities, animals, automobiles, Magic show and games. 

MS Savithti Vaithi the chairperson and the trustees praised the efforts.  The reason being they have been receiving lots of donation for food and clothing from different corporates and individuals but none of them have come forward so far to conduct such entertainment programmes which was a new experience to the inmates. Moreover the presence of 15 of us was highlighted for having spent time with the inmates rather than just donating the money. 

Feedback from a beneficiary (person or NGOs) that the activity has helped.   

Many ladies came up blessed us and said they have never laughed this much in the past few years put together. 

The entire event gave us a lot of satisfaction and made us feel that we are privileged to have many luxuries in life, when many people don’t have the basic facilities for their day to day livelihood.

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