Holidays You Can Gift To Your Family and Friends

Club Mahindra, is the flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited and has become an industry leader in the family vacation space in India. It offers you the facility of going on 7-day vacations each year for 25 years. Club Mahindra gives you the flexibility to book accommodation at the destination of your choice amongst its 41 resorts located in India as well as abroad.  With vacation ownership, members get to spend 7 days each year at any of the resorts – it is like having a home away from home.  Club Mahindra gives you complete ownership & flexibility with regards to your vacation time, wherein- you can choose the best season for travel, get accommodation that suits your family size, and a stay in a full service resort.  In the long term   Vacation Ownership is cheaper if you compare the rising costs of hotel accommodation with one-time ownership charge and annual maintenance fees.

Since it may not be always possible for members to go on a week-long vacation each year, there is a unique feature that gives you – additional flexibility to split, advance or postpone your chosen days for taking the vacation.

Club Mahindra members can also gift these holidays (7 days in each year) to their relatives and friends. As the members have complete ownership of the vacation accommodation at their chosen time of the year, they can gift or rent these holidays a specified number of times depending on the membership season.

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