Club Mahindra Membership Plans – Know Which Category Suits You

Are you passionate about travelling? Looking at holidaying at the best resorts in all the most popular destinations across India? Then Club Mahindra is what you have been looking for.

Club Mahindra has over 40 resorts located in the most spectacular travel destinations in India. Club Mahindra membership gives you access to all of Club Mahindra’s sterling resorts, at the times that suit you.  Club Mahindra membership is tailored to suit your family. Right from the size of your family, to the seasons that you normally travel in, can all be factored in while deciding on the Membership plan that would be perfect for you.

Club Mahindra has 12 membership plans that work to suit all possible requirements. They offer further flexibility while actually booking the holiday, there are options to upgrade to bigger apartments or a different season, anything that would make your holiday a memorable experience.

Club Mahindra offers four different types of membership plans based on the time of year patrons are interesting in vacationing. There are four options here, Purple, Red, White and Blue.

Purple is for people who want the option of travelling any time of the year, but would prefer to holiday during the festive season.  Red is for people who prefer to travel during the peak season of school holidays but would like the option of traveling almost through the year.  White is the time when the peak rush is over, but the destinations are still great to visit. Not exactly off-peak but not the peak times either. This would work for people who could take time off when the peak season is ending. Blue is for people who want the peace and quiet and places without too many tourists milling about. Traveling during monsoons, or times which could be regarded as off-peak, but to destinations that still have plenty to offer.

AT the various Club Mahindra Resorts, guests are provided with luxurious accommodation. Here, there are three categories of apartments on offer – Studio, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Apartments. Based on the size of your family, the number of people you normally travel with, you could choose the appropriate apartment.

With over two decades of experience in the holiday ownership industry. Club Mahindra knows just what to do to make its membership worth it, for so many families. Club Mahindra Membership ensures holidays in your favourite destinations, in resorts that maintain the highest of standards, the consistency and the customer service that the Club Mahindra stands for.  You know that you can’t go wrong with Club Mahindra.

For any further questions about the Club Mahindra Membership or the Membership fees, click here.

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