Father’s Day – Time for a Magical Holiday

On the third Sunday every June, we celebrate and honour the men who shaped us for what we are today. The custodians of our childhood, who paved the way for our success and inculcated thought, instilled humility and were our lives’ first and greatest teachers – it’s time to honour the men who made us; our fathers.

On this years’ Father’s Day, we list some of the things you can do with your dad and relive those special memories all over again.

Fathers Day

Outdoor Activities:

You probably had your first outing or hike with your dad. Your first bike ride, the time you went to the beach and enjoyed the waves lashing against you, your first Diwali when you burst crackers with joy or the time you played a sport. Why not do it all over again? Engage in a sport or go on a hike together! You won’t believe how amazing this will be.

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The thirst for adventure never grows old. Get your old man out back into the open and take him on the ride of his life. Explore the unchartered wilderness of India’s sanctuaries; make him feel alive again – Gir is out top pick.

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Nature’s Bliss:

Serenity is the highest point in human emotion and what better way to experience this than at nature’s finest creation. Feel the might of the Himalayas or the breathtaking beauty of the lush green forests or a relaxing evening spent at the beach watching the sun set – all these priceless moments are the things life’s really about.

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A Priceless View:

A picture is worth a thousand words, being in the moment worthy of a picture is priceless. There are some moments, some places that are simply too special to put into worlds. The view of India’s tropical evergreen forests from the top of Coorg or waking up to the sun over the Himalayas at Shimla – these are the moments that are going to enshrined in your memory forever. The view from the top is the best.

Fathers Day Celebration

Go Back in Time:

Experience the heritage and the majesty of the Colonial Empire and the Great Indian Kings who built our country. Watch as the grandeur of the past comes back to reality and relive it! The mystique of the past never ceases to mesmerize and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than at a historic location!

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