Magical Moments on your Travels

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”  ― Terry Pratchett

The world has so many amazing places to visit, so many sights and sounds for you to cherish, that it would be impossible to see all of it in one lifetime. Travelling is one of the best parts about life – going to a distant place, soaking in the culture and vibe is an experience like no other. With your hectic schedule and busy weekdays, you haven’t had the chance to go out and explore some truly amazing places. Well, this is something you owe to yourself and your family.

New Experiences:

Nothing stimulates the human mind like doing something new. The concrete jungles that we live in leave little room for many magical things that we see in the countryside. Head out into the wild in search of new experience, or do something that you’ve never done, or perhaps, reclaim a lost passion –

Magical Moments on Your Travel

Rock climbing/Rappelling

There’s something thrilling about strapping yourself in and climbing a rock face or rappelling between gorges. The exhilarating euphoria and the adrenaline rush are sure to satisfy the most ardent of adventure freaks.


Of all the things you can do at amazing resorts like the ones Club Mahindra has all around the country, exploring the amazing scenery around the resorts is one of the best things you can do as nothing beats nature in sheer awesomeness.

Trekking through the jungles of the lower Himalayas is a very unique experience. These jungles are nothing like the ones in the rest of the country. The woods, the rhododendrons and the sunshine filtering through the trees, walking on fallen leaves on pathways that have preserved nature’s most intimate secrets; this is one of those experiences you’re never likely to forget.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Seeing wildlife in their backyard, unshackled and in their element is a sight to behold. For those who haven’t been on a safari, it’s nothing like you’ve done. For once, you’re entering a domain is controlled by the

A Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach

The beach is one of those places you can’t get enough of. It’s simple, elegant and timeless. No matter how many times you visit a beach, its allure and appeal never diminishes. In spite of a deceptively simple recipe, beaches have a personality of their own. From the sand to the ocean providing million-dollar views, this is one place where memories, magical moments are enshrined forever in your minds.

Throwback to a Glorious Past

The rich heritage and history of India is inspiring. Generations of rulers and empires have established their presence across our great nation. Even though they’re long gone, some of the things they left behind are still pristine and a glorious reminder of their heyday. Why not visit such places and soak in the atmosphere there? What’s more is that you can even stay at a heritage building like the one pictured above! Many resorts such as Club Mahindra’s resorts in Ooty and the grand palaces in Rajasthan have now been converted into resorts that you can stay in!

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