Celebrate Christmas in Style!

Christmas falls on 25th December, a Thursday this year. With a leave on Friday, you could take advantage of an amazing four day break come the end of the year. The cusp of December around the Christmas/New Year period is the heart of winter in India. During this time of the year, the searing heat that most of the country is accustomed to for long periods since the summer gives away to a cool breeze that provides some much needed relief. As a result, it’s also a great time to travel and explore new parts of the country. We present to you three destinations to spend your Christmas Weekend sojourn at.


The idea of a vacation or a break is to step away from your usual surroundings and immerse yourself in locations that soothe your mind. Mahabaleshwar fits the bill as it’s a contrast to the urban landscape around us. The vivid green of trees and fields, the chirping of the birds, the mysterious mist in the air – it’s all here folks! Plus, it’s well connected from most of Western India. This is a great place to spend Christmas and the short weekend break that follows.

Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar:

The beauty of this resort is that it’s located a bit higher than the rest of the town. Hence, you get an amazing view, plus you feel as though you’re between clouds! It is nestled among lots of huge green trees. It has an amazing ambience that is helped no doubt by the stunning flora and fauna that surround it. Come winter, the chill in the air coupled with the location and the amazing vibe make this resort a great place to visit for a short Christmas break.


A rather unconventional destination for a Christmas break, Thekkady is nevertheless an incredible destination that promises so much. Situated about 4000 feet above sea level, the place is a perfect holiday destination with its cool weather, endless scenic beauties and aroma of spices.

The wildlife of the Periyar Forest that surrounds the lake at the center of the park is never dull. The National Park, with its dense vegetation is home to Elephants as well as herds of deer, tigers; lion tailed Macaques, and Nilgiri Langurs. A boat ride in the lake and walkabout through the jungle will get you in a good place to spot some animals.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, the destination has various other opportunities for adventurous tourism such as trekking, wildlife train, bamboo rafting, border hiking and rock climbing. The nearby Kadathanadan Kalari Centre is a great place to see Kerala’s martial art and dance forms being exhibited.

Club Mahindra Thekkady:

Club Mahindra Thekkady Resort is this breathtakingly beautiful resort built at an altitude of 2,700 feet above the sea level. Embracing the typical ‘machan’ style, you can feel the essence of nature‘s glory in the air filled with the essence of exotic spices and lush greenery. The resort has a range of activities to cater for all kinds of interests. You could relax in the resort, feeling close to nature while being pampered in the spa, or go and explore Thekkady to the fullest. It combines modern convenience with old time charm, perfectly. Holidays, can’t get closer to nature than this.


Located far, far away from the frenetic bustle of urban life – and in the lap of serene alpine beauty – Kandaghat offers you the nirvanic bliss and tranquility you have been longing for.

For working professionals looking for a much-needed break, Kandaghat is a great place to rejuvenate and achieve a personal “target” of fun with family or friends. During spring, this hill-town will welcome you with its colorful flowers and juicy fruits hanging from the trees in the orchards. During the winter, around Christmas, the snowfall creates a sea of white all around for a sight like no other! What’s more is that you can also visit Shimla and other scenic places as they’re in the vicinity of Kandaghat.

Club Mahindra Kandaghat:

Club Mahindra’s resort in this hill town is quite magnanimous as it is spread over 14 acres of land and equipped with every amenity you can ask for while being on a holiday. The glorious sight of snow-capped peaks along with views to last a lifetime, a Christmas spent at Kandaghat is something you’re bound to remember for a long time indeed!

Explore top holiday destinations with your family and have a comfortable stay in India’s favorite resort chain – Club Mahindra.

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