The Inside Track on Amazing Holiday Experiences Every Year

Ever so often, you’ll see friends or family at an exotic location enjoying their dream vacation. There are times when you can’t help but wonder as to how some people go on frequent holidays even as you slog it out at your workplace. The answer lies in ‘planning’. Going on a dream vacation with your family requires a lot of planning. A large chunk of the planning phase is devoted to travel and accommodation. Here’s a thought – what if the uncertainty regarding the hotel or resort where you’ll be staying at not be a concern at all? What if you could have a dream vacation in an amazing resort every year for twenty-five years?

The answer to all this and more is Club Mahindra. Club Mahindra has a unique offering called – Vacation Ownership. In simple terms, this plan lets you holiday for seven nights and eight days every year for 25 years. You can avail of this period at one go or split it depending on your convenience. As a result, vacation ownership gives you a considerable degree of flexibility. The real benefit though is that these holidays are some of the best you’ll ever experience. And that’s because all of your concerns be it taking care of kids or your elderly parents or planning the holiday in advance, are taken care of.

New Experiences; Year after Year

What’s life without some amazing experiences? One way of experiencing new things, meeting new people and broadening your horizons is by visiting new destinations. After all, India is known for its diversity – whether it is demographics, climate, flora or fauna, You also have a chance to visit resorts in foreign countries as apart from 40 resorts in India, Club Mahindra has resorts in various foreign cities. Because of the variety of these locations, you have a chance at different experience – right from staying in log huts (chalets) to going on jungle safaris. You get to enjoy these memorable and unique vacations, year on year.

Family-friendly resorts

A recent survey has shown that for families traveling with kids, safety is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing a vacation spot. All Club Mahindra resorts are designed for families and special emphases is laid on children’s activities and are family-friendly. Many of them have activities that not only keep kids engaged, but also foster parent-child bonding. Depending on the resort you choose, your kids can enjoy clay pottery, puppet-making or even being the junior chef among a host of other activities and workshops. So families can have worry-free vacations at Club Mahindra resorts. In fact, you can take your grandparents along too and still have a great time.

Savor the Delicious Cuisine, And Some More!

Life would be pretty boring without food, wouldn’t it? Lucky for you then, that expert chefs at Club Mahindra resorts are well-versed in not only your favorite dishes from around the world, but also have their own take on some scintillating local dishes! And if you’d like, the chefs will even give you some tips on cooking!

You know when to holiday every year

Once you are a Club Mahindra member, you can book a resort in advance. This gives you an advantage as planning in advance helps you plan a perfect vacation. Club Mahindra facilitates this by offering flexibility by spreading all its seasons out across the year so that you can pick when to go. This works really well for working couples. This is because they can plan your holidays and work well so that work does not come in way of the vacation. Plus, all of your travel arrangements can be made in advance as well for a relaxing holiday!

The Bottom line – Magical Holidays

The crux of a magical holiday comes down to three things – moments with your family, the happiness you see on your kids’ faces and relaxing without worrying too much about daily routine. Wouldn’t you want something like this? Sure, you do! Because traveling and staying at interesting places across a variety of geographies is an incredible experience. A Club Mahindra Membership is the only missing piece to this puzzle. A seven night, eight day holiday every year for twenty-five years at some incredible resorts will surely prove to be a worthy investment.

At the end of the day, your family is everything; they’re the center of your lives. Why not give them the most memorable vacations? It’s the perfect way for you to spend some valuable time with your children and relax and unwind from your daily routine. With Club Mahindra, you can experience both and have the most amazing holidays every year, for 25 years..!

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