Holidays for 25 Years – A Commitment to Your Family this Diwali

Diwali is here. India’s favorite festival is being welcomed by people all around the country. The relevance of Diwali in our culture is too huge for it not to permeate into many other aspects of our lives. Because it’s considered one of the most auspicious, many financial investments are made during this period. People usually buy something of value and some even go the extra mile and buy a vehicle and some, even a new house. The culture of investment in Diwali is actually rooted in Indian tradition and has even managed to become an important footnote in the stock market where trading on the day of Diwali is believed to bring good luck.Of all the things you could invest in, and there are plenty of those, something for the family are what would constitute a great investment. Now, think about your life and how much time, work and other professional commitments take up; we’re living in an era when 24 hours seems disparagingly few for us to fulfil all our desires. The precious moments that we spend with our loved ones are the ones we cherish forever.

An Investment for 25 Years:

In Diwali, we make many investments for our families. Why not invest in something that’s guaranteed to bring happiness for the next 25 years? Magical moments during vacations with your family stay with you forever. They survive the test of time and are a testament to the incredible bond between you, your spouse and your kids. Investing in vacation ownership can turn out to be a very smart investment.

The last few years have seen significant evolution in the vacation ownership sector in India. This ranges from enhanced experience that new age global travellers seek to set up of vacation ownership resorts in undiscovered locations which have not been on popular tourist map. It’s no longer just the location but various add-ons such as golf, trekking, river rafting, jungle safaris and adventure sports that attract people.

Magical Moments on Holiday:

Be it the bliss of being in the midst of an evergreen forest of Southern India, or in the presence of the colossal Himalayas, the great desert of Rajasthan, or even the mystique of India’s North-East; the sights and sounds of India’s incredibly diverse landscape are a delight to visit.

Club Mahindra, a division of Mahindra Holidays Resorts India Limited operates 40 resorts in India and some foreign locations. These resorts, with their picturesque location that imbibe the local culture, heritage and cuisine while retaining state-of-the-art amenities serve as the perfect place for your vacations and in turn, for amazing moments with your family.

An Incredible Experience:

A Club Mahindra Membership brings with it many possibilities. The number of resorts available, the twenty-five years of holidays and the prospect of staying at the amazing resorts spread over the entirety of India are just some of the hallmarks of vacation ownership at its finest! With Club Mahindra’s attractive membership fees, the decision to holiday for the coming 25 years is a great idea!

Club Mahindra resorts are a complete fun package for the entire family. There are engaging in-door and out-door activities for children that provide an experience for a lifetime. ‘Fun Zones’ at the resorts with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor games as well as carrom, table-Tennis (Ping-Pong), board games, Xbox and Play Stations provide the perfect platform to bond over some healthy competition.

All resorts have a wide variety of workshops and activities specially designed for children like pottery-making, music lessons, towel art, painting, dance workshops and much more. Some of these activities, especially the ones related to the arts like music and dancing take into account the local flavour as well in these workshops. Specially trained staff introduces you to these and many other things you can do at a Club Mahindra resort and help you learn the basics and more importantly, sustain an interest.

And what would a holiday be without some amazing and unforgettable experiences? You can enjoy a serene sunset with your spouse and avail of the excellent spa facilities; take a reinvigorating massage at ‘Svaastha’ spa centers in some resorts and feel reawakened from your hectic routine. Tickle your taste-buds at the multi-cuisine restaurants in the resorts and taste the local flavours.

With so many great reasons to, and with the prospect of memories for a lifetime, a Club Mahindra Membership can be the initiation of scintillating experiences that you and your family cherish forever.

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