Vacations in Winter

Winter is the best season in a tropical country like India having diverse topography. Winter is knocking at the door and it is time to snuggle up with a good book in front of a fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee in bed every morning. Winter is also a good time to go on a vacation with your family and friends.

If you are wondering why winter holiday destinations, it is because is the winters are the best time to explore the tourist destinations in India when there’s ample respite from heat. Winters also herald the beginning of the peak season for holidays in India. Not just domestic tourism is at its peak but the visitors from abroad also prefer to travel to India due to the favorable weather.

India is blessed with different climatic conditions in winter season in different parts of the country. Unlike most of the Western world, where cities are covered under a blanket of snow in winters, there is quite a bit to choose from when it comes to winter holiday destinations in India. Breathtaking beauty of Himalayan mountains, ample snowfall, panoramic natural views, frozen lakes, bonfire, winter festivals, adventure sports, and skiing facilities make India a popular winter destination for all sections of tourists with diverse flavors.

Magical Moments:

The best part about any vacation is the quality time you get to spend with your family. Think of those precious moments that you’ll remember forever, or the joy of seeing your children smile when they do something really exciting – this is the stuff magical moments are made of. What’s more is that vacationing during holidays such as Diwali is a special experience. Celebrating one of India’s biggest festivals with your loved ones, away from the big city, in a close intimate setting is moment that you’d want to last forever.

And what better place to celebrate such a vacation with your family than at a Club Mahindra Resort. With 40 resorts, incredible amenities and a holiday to cherish forever, it’s a no surprise that Club Mahindra’s vacation ownership gives you much more than just a ‘Holiday at a resort.’ It’s an experience in itself – watch the video below:


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