Everything you need to know about Club Mahindra Membership

Every person aspires to go for a vacation at least once in a year. However, busy schedules and unavailability of resorts and hotels at desired destinations deprive people of such opportunities. Moreover, most of the vacationers desire a perfect getaway from the regular life to an exotic location with luxurious services, marvellous ambiance, and rejuvenating environment to leave the mind and body refreshed.

To rejuvenate your spirits, it is recommended to go for a vacation at least once in a year. Club Mahindra Membership will create the perfect setting for your holidays. With over 40 resorts at some of the most exotic places in India and abroad, this vacation ownership will offer you the perfect family vacation experience at a reasonable price. The membership is valid for a period of 25 years, wherein each year you can book a vacation for 7 days, together or in different periods. The membership is priced on the basis of seasons and the type of room selected.

What are the Types of Membership?

Before you book this membership, take a look at the types of apartments available under it. Club Mahindra membership offers three kinds of membership namely Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom. Depending on the type of comfort you wish to avail, the number of members in your family, and the level of privacy you seeking, you can select the membership.

Moreover, the membership is available on the basis of seasons. Here ‘seasons’ actually refer to different time periods of the year based on the preferences of the members. Depending on the timing when families actually book a vacation, the membership is divided into four seasons.

  • Purple Season is preferable for those individuals who usually travel during festivals, national holidays, and major events in a year such as New Year’s Eve. This is a time where both working members of the family as well as children have holidays. This season is ideally for people in their early thirties.
  • Red Season is the best option for people who prefer to travel with the entire family. This season is generally known as ‘peak’ travel season wherein children as well as their parents have holidays. This package is ideal for people in their mid-thirties who have a family.
  • White Season is generally classified as off season wherein most of the regular tourists are not vacationing. Thus, destinations you visit are less crowded, and you can enjoy luxury at the best. This season is ideal for people in their late forties who have grown-up children and wish to escape the busy everyday life.
  • Blue Season is reserved for retired people who want to experience some peace and quietude. This season is generally reserved for off-seasons wherein you would like to enjoy the company of nature.

Where can you avail this membership?

Club Mahindra membership is available to book through online registration form or by contacting the call centre. Once you submit the details through Club Mahindra membership form, the sales agent will fix an appointment with you. He will provide you complete details about the types of memberships, the quality of resorts, the facilities available there, and the blissful experience you will be able to enjoy at the resorts. So why wait? Book a dream vacation each year by availing the Club Mahindra Membership; Click here to fill the lead.

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