Things to Do During Your Stay at Club Mahindra Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

A verdant world awaits you as you enter the natural paradise of ‘Masinagudi’. This destination makes for an unforgettable journey, thanks to its verdant greenery and lush plantations. Masinagudi is located in the Nilgiri district, and is considered as one of the most scenic hill stations. It is highly coveted by tourists from all over owing to the sanctuary here that houses eclectic species of fauna, along with its glorious natural splendour.

A trip to Masinagudi is incomplete without experiencing its rich bio-diversity. The place is highly renowned for its abundant forest lands, lush green vegetation, and colourful wildlife. This beautiful hill station is also a habitat of a plethora of wild animals including Tigers, Wild Elephants, Wild Boar, Flying Lizard, Pythons, and Cobra.

For you to have a safe haven while you visit Masinagudi, Club Mahindra has constructed a world-class resort for you and your family. The resort is strategically set up within the border areas of Madhumalai and Bandipur Tiger reserve. This jungle resort, then, is a ‘dream come true’ for adventure lovers who love to take abode in the company of nature and animals.

The resort promises to regale you with several fun indoor activities and a variety of sight-seeing options.

Let us look at some of the indoor activities offered at the resort:

Workshops: Explore a new passion or relive the old one. Have unlimited fun while learning to cook exquisites cuisines from the resort chefs. Test your precision while baking your own pots and put your acts to play as you make your puppets and put it out on a show.

Virtual World: You and your kids can enter into a world full of adrenaline and excitement. Race at over 200 mph or experience the thrill of flying a jet plane.

Sports: Indulge in sports such as cricket, golf, badminton and football. Add more completion by asking the FunRovers to join in.

Pottery: Master the art of kneading, shaping, drying, and baking your own clay.  If you manage to make it to perfection, you can tap your shoulder and take it home with you.

Let us look at some of the best sight-seeing options that Masinagudi has to offer:

  1. Wildlife Visit

This tour is perfect for patrons who are wild-life fanatics. You can get vicarious thrills of living life of Mowgli by touring the jungle on a tamed elephant. Ride along the trampled path and enjoy the jungle in all its splendour.

  1. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

This beautiful sanctuary is home to a variety of bird species including Bulbul and Parrot, and its flora comprises different types of trees such as shrub, swamp, bamboo, teak, and Sal. The sanctuary also serves as an abode for wildlife like Jackals, Four-horned antelopes, Chinkara, Leopards, Black bucks, and Jungle cats.

  1. Moyar River

This serene river is located just 7 kms from Masinagudi. It runs from the forest and provides picturesque views to its tourists. You will find great delight in witnessing the sight of a large variety of animals trundling along the river, quietly drinking from it.

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