Five Reasons to Consider Vacation Ownership

Vacations are necessary to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, choosing a destination, availing accommodation, arranging the travel itinerary, etc. are some of the few things that will make your vacation plans difficult to implement. What if you were presented with an option that offers you confirmed vacation to one of the desirable vacations spot in the country every year?

Vacation ownership membership offers the convenience of enjoying a vacation to an exotic spot every year for a one-time fee. You can enjoy luxury accommodation at some of the most desirable destinations, even during peak seasons, depending on the type of membership you avail.

If you are still hesitant to avail vacation ownership membership, then the following five reasons will surely compel you to get one.

1> Encourages you to take yearly Vacation

Club Mahindra Vacation ownership membership will guarantee you a confirmed holiday slot to any of its 44 resorts spread across India and abroad. You can book a 7-day vacation slot at any of the resorts of your choice depending on the availability.

2> Luxurious accommodation at reasonable rate

All the Club Mahindra resorts are known for its highest quality standards and luxury accommodation. Most of them are gold-crowned resorts that offer the luxury and comfort of five-star accommodation at a reasonable price.

3> Avail Vacation for the next 25 years at Today’s price

When you book Club Mahindra Vacation ownership today, you will be able to enjoy vacation for the next 25 years to some of the most desirable locations around the country and abroad at today’s price. The only charge you have to pay is the annual fees, which is nominal. However, when you do the calculations, you will surely find vacation ownership as a cost effective option as against resort booking.

4> You can gift it to your loved ones

By paying a small transfer fee, you will be able to gift the vacation slot for a year to any of your family members or friends. With vacation ownership, not only will you get the benefit of enjoying vacations but also your loved ones will get the advantage.

5> Exchange your Vacation Slot with RCI

RCI membership is available with Club Mahindra Vacation ownership membership. Through this membership, you will be able to trade your vacation slot with RCI with vacation bookings at some of the most exotic resorts around the world. Check out Club Mahindra membership feedback to get a taste of different experiences, such as the workshops and activities to opt for, in order to make the most of your stay here.

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