An Ideal Beach Vacation at Ganpatipule!

The heralding of monsoons brings to us the desire to take time out for a very distinct kind of holiday: one that involves lot of rain, cool zephyr and the vast stretches of idyllic beaches. For those among us who prefer the coast to mountains or forests and are not shy of taking on the prospect of a road trip from their city, Ganapatipule is an ideal choice. Situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is named after the Hindu deity ‘Ganapati’. Located at about 375 km from Mumbai, Ganpatipule is a beach town that is home to some of the beaches on the Konkan coast.

With many villages, old forts and panoramic views across its mesmerizing expanse of coastal shores, Ganapatipule is a paradise for beach lovers, providing the perfect idyllic getaway from the concrete jungles.

And if you are looking to visit anytime soon and need a plush yet homely resort to stay, look no further than Club Mahindra’s property, Courtyard – the Resort!

Located close to both town and beach, Courtyard Resort is located on a hill, which strategically offers its patrons a bird’s eye view of all of the green hills that touch Ganapatipule’s shores. Moreover, a lot of unexplored and unseen beach coves are visible from the resort, which a common traveller or beach explorer may not be able to witness.

Equipped with 70 rooms to cater to a good number of patrons at any point in time, the resort provides one with a range of choices— from studios to larger suites based on one’s preference. It is also equipped with wheel-chair accessible entrances and rooms to ensure that handicapped people do not have any trouble with the place’s amenities.

Coming to activities, the resort holds a number of options to keep you and your loved ones engrossed. With a Svastha spa and salon helping both you and your partner to relax and rejuvenate, one can make use of the indoor playground and the resort’s Fun zone to ensure that one’s kids remain busy while you grab a few moments of calm and peace. Enjoy a game of tennis or badminton in the resort’s Gaming zone if the beach is not your cup of tea. Work out at the gym or indulge in a tipple at the bar as you enjoy the fine coastal weather and savour a moment of relaxation.

But should the idea of spending a day at the beach indeed excite you, bring plenty of rain gear and head out to the picturesque shores, perusing the small shops and vantage points along the way from the resort to the beach.

The resort leaves no stone unturned to cater to your culinary tastes by running an in-house restaurant that is equipped to deal with your every request and preference. Ranging from typical Konkani cuisine to even others such as Continental, the chef and staff take your dietary considerations into account and can even accommodate special requests such as for Jain cuisine.

So don’t lose time and head to Club Mahindra’s Courtyard to sample a beach sojourn of the right kind. All you have to do is contact the Sales Manager/Go to the website, find out all about Club Mahindra membership fees for your desired holiday band, and gift yourself a vacation for the next 25 years.
Explore top holiday destinations with your family and have a comfortable stay in India’s favorite resort chain – Club Mahindra.

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