Explore Some Of The Best Club Mahindra Wildlife Resorts

Holidays are, undoubtedly, the best part of the year for us all with the urge to explore different places, do fun activities, and relax from all the stress that is built up all throughout the year. The Club Mahindra chain of hotels has been providing opportunities for its members to holiday in scenic places all over India as well as abroad. With comfortable rooms, sumptuous meals, and wonderful amenities provided, Club Mahindra turns your dream holiday into reality.

For those who love nature and are looking for places to go to where they can be one with nature while they spend a memorable vacation with family and friends, Club Mahindra offers its member a wonderful stay in resorts that are close to the wildlife, or provide activities related to the wildlife, allowing you to unwind in the peaceful atmosphere along with giving you a glimpse into the life in the wild. Some of the wildlife resorts that Club Mahindra offers a stay in are mentioned below.

Club Mahindra Kanha


Being home to the finest tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh, Club Mahindra Kanha Resort offers a wonderful stay along with an opportunity to get close to nature and wildlife by providing jungle safaris. The Kanha Tiger Reserve, Kanha National Park, and Phen Wildlife Sanctuary are open to visitors who wish to take a look at the life in the wilds. One can carry out bird watching, camping, trekking, and take nature walks while staying at the Kanha resort. Get a chance to experience the most forested area in Kanha with Club Mahindra Kanha resort.

Club Mahindra Corbett


Ensconced in Uttarakhand, Club Mahindra Corbett is just miles away from the enchanting Jim Corbett National Park and the Corbett Tiger Reserve that is home to a varied species of flora and fauna. With Corbett Park safaris provided for those wishing to have a glimpse into the wildlife, you can see the plethora of types of animals that we rarely come by while living in the cities. It is also a haven for bird lovers who can watch the birds in and around the forests. Plan a vacation with Club Mahindra and have a pleasant and happy stay at Corbett resort, Uttarakhand. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews of Corbett resort & know how our happy members are spending their family holidays in Corbett.

Club Mahindra Thekkady


Club Mahindra Thekkady, nestled in the Idukki district of Kerala, offers stunning vistas to witness along with the chance to visit the wildlife at the Periyar Tiger Reserve up close. The wildlife sanctuary at Thodupuzha that is home to numerous exotic species of animals also gives you a trip to remember. You can also journey through the jungles atop elephants, giving you the ride of a lifetime. Plan a vacation with Club Mahindra and experience the best of nature & wildlife with Club Mahindra Thekkady resort, Kerala.

Club Mahindra offers amazing sightseeing opportunities as well to its members along with a wonderful stay. You can check out the Club Mahindra feedback and reviews of existing members, or find out more about Club Mahindra membership fees details to know more about what Club Mahindra offers.

Join India’s favorite resort chain – Club Mahindra and explore the top holiday destinations in India and abroad.

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