Club Mahindra – The Best Diwali Gift

Diwali is a time when people from all over India celebrate. It is a time when we buy gifts for each other and ourselves. It is a time when we get our bonuses. It is a time when we finally buy that new TV or fridge or cell phone that we have been planning to buy the entire year. It is a celebration of everything that is good, and lights and glimmer.

Diwali is a festival that we, as a nation, have celebrated for centuries, and will continue to celebrate for centuries to come. It is that common festival which links many generations through the same traditions, and similar happy memories; something that you celebrated with your parents, currently celebrate with your children, and something that they will celebrate with their Children.

On the other hand, do we really have to celebrate Diwali in the same way every year? Do these traditions really have to be so steadfast & rigid? Is it impossible for us to evolve with the times, while still maintaining the spirit & essence of Diwali?
No. We definitely have the opportunity make our Diwali more awesome than they already are. There is always scope to improve our lives, and the lives of those around us. This Diwali, everyone has a chance to get a gift that will last for the next 25 years!

We are obviously talking about buying a Club Mahindra membership. It’s not your average Diwali gift that lasts one, two or five years, but an investment in your family’s happiness that lasts 25 years! And who says you can’t enjoy your other Diwali gifts as well?

If that is not enough to change the way you celebrate Diwali, then consider this: along with select Club Mahindra memberships, you can avail:
1. A free International Holiday (7 days with RCI)
2. A Free 1 Week Domestic Club Mahindra Holiday
3. Resort credit voucher worth Rs. 7000
4. Holidays for 25 years, 7 days every year across 45 beautiful resorts in India & abroad
5. 4000+ RCI affiliate resorts worldwide
And if you think that it’s too much money to spend at one go, then there’s always an option to Avail membership on easy EMIs starting at Rs. 5764/-*

Are you doubtful of the quality of the resorts? No problem; you can always check out Club Mahindra reviews online, which will help you get an idea about the varied things you can do in and around 45 resorts. Why? Because at Club Mahindra, feedback is always taken seriously, and is seen as an opportunity for the improvement it constantly strives towards.

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