Top Four Recreational Activities to Try at Club Mahindra Resorts

If you are looking forward to having a perfect holiday, vacationing at one of the many Club Mahindra resorts in India and abroad can be a great opportunity. Nestled in some of the most exquisite places to behold, these resorts are an ideal getaway to head to, any time of the year.

With over 45 resorts spread over numerous states and countries, the resort has endeavored to indulge their members into various activities. Whether you are an adventure lover, or someone who loves solitude, Club Mahindra offers an amazing experience to every guest- young and old. Here are the top five recreational activities that this chain of resorts is famous for:



One can enjoy rappelling at one of the many Club Mahindra resorts that offer it as a recreational activity. The resorts in Baiguney, Binsar Valley, Mashobra, Kanatal, and Kumbhalgarh, all offer this sport to those adventurous souls who plan on vacationing there. With comfortable accommodations and engaging activities to keep you entertained, rappelling at any of the resorts is bound to be a memorable experience.



Heading out camping with your family is another activity most people take up. Club Mahindra Baiguney, Binsar Valley, Madeikeri, Binsar Villa, and Derby Green offer camping opportunities to those who wish to camp out on their vacation.

Kids’ Club:


For those who wish to take their kids out on a wonderful holiday, the kids’ club at Club Mahindra Cherai, Ashtamudi, Binsar, and Baiguney offer many activities for your kids to enjoy. From pot making to creative art, your kids are bound to have a good time by making new acquaintances and learning new things.

Indoor fun:


While you can carry out these activities right at your homes as well, Club Mahindra allows you and your family to enjoy indoor games along with enjoying the tranquil atmosphere that the resorts provide. The resorts at Baiguney, Binsar, Corbett, Manali, and Ooty are the perfect places to head to if you wish to make the most of your vacation while you play some of your favorite games.

You can take a look at the Club Mahindra reviews and even find out the Club Mahindra membership fee details to enjoy your next holiday to the fullest at one of the these resorts.

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