Strengthen Your Bond with your Baby at Club Mahindra

Parenthood is a phase that brings with it immense joy and happiness. The birth of a baby in the family changes the perspectives. Your spouse and your parents, who were your priorities until then, take a back-seat in your life and the newest member in the family becomes your top priority.

Club Mahindra Baby  Moon.png

Baby Moon is the period where your baby is born, but is not yet acquainted with your warm presence as a parent. In order to connect with the newborns in the best way, new parents often go out on an outing where they can spend quality time with the baby. We at Club Mahindra want you to celebrate the joy of motherhood by offering a special Baby Moon offer to all those mothers who have had the best feeling of bringing in life to their Lives.

Expecting mothers can now enjoy lavish accommodation and comforting amenities for 2 nights and 3 days at the exquisite Club Mahindra resorts under the Baby Moon Offer on ‘Stem Cell Banking’ with LifeCell. We understand the importance of family in your life.  So take a break from the regular life, and celebrate the joy and awesomeness of spending quality time with your little one at Club Mahindra resorts.

We at Club Mahindra encourage health and well-being to you and your little one, and have allied with Life Cell – a stem cell banking institute in India.

In regards to our resorts, you will have numerous options of fun and recreational activities offered by the resort to engage in.  And for those who do not believe in adventure and active form of amusement, you can spend splendid moments with your little ones experiencing the hospitality and lavish offerings of the resort.

For first-time mothers, Club Mahindra offers assistance with respect to taking care of the new-born. Their warmth and hospitality will truly make you feel special, while you experience the joy and awe of becoming a parent.

With serene surroundings and a lot of fresh air surrounding you, you will be simply delighted and enjoy those lovely moments spent connecting and caring your little one. So, expectant mothers and new-mothers, what are you waiting for? Strengthen the bond with your new-born today by taking a baby moon holiday with Club Mahindra. Check out the Club Mahindra membership fees, room options, and packages to avail the best holiday experience for you and your little one.

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