A Glimpse into Parsi Cuisine this Navroz

Jamshed Navroz or Pateti is known as the Iranian New Year. It is planned according to the Fasli Calendar followed by the Zoroastrians. The day is expected to bring in new hope and positive spirit to everyone. To welcome the auspiciousness brought by the New Year, Parsis residing in different parts of the country begin the day by cleaning the homes. A rich combination of flowers and decorative items are used to adorn the home. But the highlight of the festival is the number of delicious delicacies that are an absolute treat for the taste buds.

Parsis around the world are known for their love for food, and Navroz is marked by cooking of numerous lavish and luscious recipes. At the in-house restaurants of Club Mahindra resorts, you get a chance to indulge in the flavours of these sumptuous dishes while experiencing lavish comfort and amenities. While you are visiting the in-house restaurants, here are the Navroz special dishes to try:

  • Sali Boti


Famed as the best Parsi Meat dish, this is an ideal example of something that’s hot and sweet at the same time. Juicy mutton chops are marinated with tomatoes, onions, jaggery & vinegar, and a dash of turmeric & ginger are added to make this sumptuous delicacy that will leave your taste buds enchanted.

  • Patrani Machhi


Navroz is never complete without munching on this delicacy. Patrani Macchi is aptly described as fish cooked with green chutney wrapped in banana leaves. Unlike other fish delicacies, this one involves steaming the fish. This dish will surely leave you wanting for more with its array of flavours.

  • Dhansak Masala


The aroma of spices blended with the freshness of vegetables make Dhansak Masala the base for several tasty delicacies. Borrowing its ingredients from Persian and Gujarati cuisines, it is a healthy and delicious delicacy to satiate your appetite.

  • Kolmi Papeto Tetralo


Fish lovers will definitely love the flavours and aroma of this delicacy cooked by marinating Prawns with garlic, potatoes, and herbs. While prawns add their typical taste to the delicacy, turmeric and tomato puree add a dash of sourness and aroma to it.

  • Sali Marghi


Very few dishes preserve the essence of chicken while adding a dash of spices to it. One such delicacy is Sali Marghi made from tender chicken wrapped in different condiments. Top it off with shredded potatoes, and delight yourself with a scrumptious meal.

All these delicious cuisines are available at the in-house restaurants of Club Mahindra resorts. So avail the Club Mahindra membership today and celebrate Navroz with grandeur for the next 25 years.

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