Celebrate World Smile Day with Club Mahindra


“You are never fully dressed without a smile.”

From the innocent smile of a baby to the cheerful smile of your loved ones, this warm gesture seems to have the magic to change a situation. It exhibits happiness, a warm welcome, or simply a sign of joy. To honour this bright facial expression, we have World Smile Day. It is celebrated as a tribute to Harvey Bell, the magic creator of the iconic yellow smiley faces, which we frequently use in our instant messages, mails, and social updates.

Smile is a symbol of happiness, the more you smile the happier you will be. Yet we do not have several moments to smile. To remind us of this simple gesture, World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October each year.

The real meaning in life lies in finding happiness. We all toil day and night to provide a good life to our families, but somewhere in the midst of our struggles, we forget the actual meaning of life. Most of us are so preoccupied with the daily routine that we often forget to pause and create meaningful moments. The World Smile Day is a small reminder for us, to bring happiness back into our lives.

It is a fact that, the greatest source of our happiness lies in the happiness of our loved ones. Seeing our mother, father, friends, spouse and children joyful, gives us the strength to deal with the various difficulties of life. While we all take some effort to buy them gifts occasionally, we cannot overlook the fact that happiness is rarely found in objects. We might like a gift for a fleeting moment, but soon we wish for more happiness. The only way to make your loved ones truly happy is by giving them your time and attention. We at Club Mahindra understand the importance of smile and family bonding, and encourage you to take a holiday to celebrate World Smile Day. With the long weekend approaching fast, this is the best time to book a holiday, and enjoy a lavish vacation at any of the 46 Club Mahindra resorts.

Vacations are not only relaxing, but they also create memories that will make you smile each time you remember them.

Imagine the smiles on your loved one’s faces when you tell them about your lovely vacation plans. The World Smile Day is the perfect time to plan a joyous weekend away from the mundane activities of life. Be it your parents, grandparents, spouse or children, a peaceful vacation to an exotic destination is all you need to make them smile. Club Mahindra membership gives you the privilege of booking a long weekend with your loved ones, and experience a blissful vacation. Be it an adventure holiday, a beach vacation, or simply a trip to a hill station, choose a destination and get ready to make some treasurable moments that will leave you smiling.
Explore top holiday destinations with your family and have a comfortable stay in India’s favorite resort chain – Club Mahindra.

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