Why Pondicherry Should Be On Your Travel List?

Nothing beats the pure joy of a blissful beach vacation. If you are seeking an unconventional vacation, aside from the clichéd beach destinations, Pondicherry is your answer. Pondicherry is an exotic coastal paradise replete with sun kissed beaches, salubrious weather, and a camaraderie of Indo-French culture. Since Pondicherry was colonised by the French in ancient times, French influences can be seen in the local culture, food and architecture. The tantalising fusion of the Indian and French culture makes it a remarkable destination for tourists. It is a place meant for pure relaxation that you just cannot miss! Here’s why.

Pristine beaches

The tranquil beaches of Pondicherry offer the perfect escapade from the grinding lifestyle of the cities. Its hypnotic charm and serenity will surely take your breath away. Let the soothing vibes of the ocean ease away your worries gently and acquaint you with your inner self. The beaches of Pondicherry are counted among the cleanest beaches in the country.


Aurobindo Ashram

The Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry is the perfect place to fraternize with your spiritual side. Once at the Ashram, you will be able to experience peace and tranquillity that will subdue every agitation in your mind and body.


Delectable cuisine

The blend of the Indian and French culture is nowhere more evident than in the food. The diverse culinary scene of Pondicherry is bursting with unique flavours from all around the world. Drool over the delicious sea food and tantalise your taste buds with authentic French delicacies. The French bakeries of Pondicherry are known for their drool worthy desserts.


Adventure Water sports

Pondicherry is a haven for adventure lovers. You can indulge in a number of adventure water sports such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, canoeing and Kayaking. Even if you are not an adventure enthusiast, don’t go back without trying out some of the water activates.


Shop till you drop

The streets of Pondicherry are dotted with numerous boutiques selling clothes, decorative items, footwear and leather products. The renowned leather company Hidesign, originated from Pondicherry. So, don’t forget to pick up some amazing leather bags from the Hidesign factory outlet at great discounts.


Exotic resorts

Your trip to Pondicherry won’t be complete without staying at the exotic Club Mahindra Resort. Numerous Club Mahindra Reviews speak for itself. It is located on 24 acres of tranquil sea facing land and is replete with all the modern amenities to ensure a perfect vacation stay.



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