Capturing the perfect Chhath Puja Moments

Going on a holiday during festivals is the perfect time to learn about the culture of any place. One of the biggest festivals which is widely celebrated in Northern India, Chhath Puja is here. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls on Kartik Shukla Shashti, the sixth day of the Kartik month. Chhath Puja is dedicated to the Sun God or ‘Surya’ and his wife, ‘Usha’. This is the day when worshippers thank them for supporting life on Earth.

Visit the pristine banks of the Ganges where you can take a holy dip like other devotees for self-purification. This day is popularly called as ‘Nhay Khay’. You can also worship at the beautiful Sun temples where large crowds of people come together and offer their prayers. The spirit of this festival will add to your holiday mood. You can also interact with the locals to learn more about the rituals of this festival.

You can also enjoy feasting over delicacies such as ‘kheer’, ‘malpua’, ‘balushahi’, and ‘thekua’. Capture the beauty of ‘pujas’ and ‘aartis’ done along the riverside. ‘Kharna’ is the second day of the Chhath Puja when people observe fast throughout the day and then open it in the evening after praying to Lord Surya. The third day is mainly for the preparation of the ‘Prasad’ which is the offering to God and is later served among family and friends.

There are many other celebrations on the third day of the festival which include folk songs and a vibrant event, ‘Kosi’. You can learn about the tradition and culture of the state through the colourful display of performances. A ‘mandap’ is made from sugarcane sticks and beautifully lit earthen lamps. On the last day of the Pooja, watch the beautiful sunrise along with the devotees and see them worship the rising sun.


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