Five reasons why Finland should be on your travel bucket list

Do you want to travel to a place that offers a completely new experience? Then head to Finland, a place well-known for its natural beauty and scenic landscapes that will leave you enchanted. ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’, Finland is a home to more than a thousand lakes which are over 188,000 in number. Magnificent woods and enchanting landscapes, Finland promises once-in-a-lifetime experience to all the travellers. Blessed with cities such as Lapland and Helsinki, one would probably fall short of reasons to visit Finland. This place will transport you to a paradise that may have only been a part of your imagination. And if you are still reluctant about why you should head to this place, then we give you five reasons that will surely change your mind.

Northern Lights

Experiencing this natural phenomenon of the universe is no less than magic. Different hues of colours such as greens and pinks in the sky which move swiftly, this is the phenomenon which is famously termed as Aurora Borealis. These are the Northern Lights which are a magnet puller for tourists from across the world. The period from October to March is the best time to witness this marvel.

The Wilderness

Whether or not you are fond of forests, Finland will make you fall in love with the woods. Around 70 per cent of Finland is encompassed with forests. The beauty of forest besides the lake perfectly resembles an exotic painting. Explore these vast tracts and forage for wild berries and mushrooms. Camp overnight and if you are lucky enough, you may just get to catch a glimpse of a wolf.

Snowmobile and Ice Fishing

Traversing through frozen lakes and snow-clad pine forests on a Snowmobile is one of the most beautiful experiences in Finland. The feeling is very similar to that of living a Mario Kart game. This is not just a wonderful way to dive into the beauty of Finland but also a journey where you can stop by for unique activities such as ice fishing. Added to this, if you have a campfire, it cannot get any better.


If you wish to experience what skiing is, it is here in Finland. Be it with sunlight or without it, skiing is possible in Finland all through. Head to the floors of Lapland which is world famous for this adventure activity. Be it cross-country skiing or kid’s slopes or downhill, you can enjoy all types of skiing amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. Breathe in a lungful of air which is as clean and pure as it can get anywhere in the world.

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