Simple Guide for First-Time Travelers To Finland

If the mainstream tourist destinations fail to interest you, Finland is the place to be at! Popularly known as the land of the midnight sun, Finland is one of the most exotic destinations in the world. This Scandinavian country is famed for enchanting northern lights that illuminate the night sky with brilliant colors. Finland is known to interest tourists with its beautiful landscapes. Its exotic culture will make you fall in love with the country, the moment you set foot in the country. And if you are traveling to Finland for the first time, then we present you a simple guide to help you make the most of your trip.


 Spot the northern lights in Finnish Lapland

The northern lights is a spectacle that will leave you spellbound. Observing this spectacle is once in a lifetime experience. The Finnish Lapland is the best place to spot the northern lights. If you visit Finland from September to March, you will surely spot the alluring northern lights against the clear night skies.

Northern Lights


Explore Helsinki


Helsinki is the beautiful capital city of Finland and is a melting pot of various European and Nordic cultures. The Finnish national museum of Art, Central Park, Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Market Square, and the fortified islands of Suomenlinna are some of the most popular places in Helsinki.


Visit the Lemmenjoki National Park


The Lemmenjoki National Park is an ideal place to experience the Arctic wildlife. It is one of the largest national parks in Europe and covers an area of more than 1000 square kilometers. The park is a home to the most exotic Artic species such as brown bear, artic wolf, golden eagle, reindeer, and moose.



Ice fishing


Ice fishing is one of the most favorite pastimes of the Finnish. When the lakes freeze over in winter, people drill large holes into the ice sheet and start fishing. If conventional fishing activity doesn’t suit your interest, then get acquainted with this quirky alternative.


Sledding with Huskies


Whizzing through wide open snow fields in a sled carried by huskies is a surprising experience. However, before you get on a sled, take some time out to listen to expert instructions on how to operate a dog sled. Harriniva and Saiji in Lapland are the best places for dog sledding.




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