Plan your holidays this 2017

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation, the rush of an upcoming holiday.  So make the most of the many long weekends this year by exploring off-beat vacation paradises. All you need is to plan your holidays smartly – around the weekends (especially the long ones!) And with Club Mahindra Membership, planning your family vacations just becomes a lot easier.

Here are our recommendations for the weekend getaways.


Perhaps the best time to plan your vacations for the year. With 26th January Republic Day on Thursday, a Friday office bunk will give you 4 days to vacation.

Feel the might of world’s 2nd largest wall at Fort Kumbhalgarh. Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is in the stunning vicinity of the fort. With its Rajputana-styled architecture, exclusive fine dining and fun activities like puppet making, pottery and painting, your holiday here wouldn’t be anything less than a royal treat.


Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh


Great news is that there is not one, but two long weekends in this month.  13th March Holi (Monday) and 28th March Gudi Padwa (Tuesday).

This is the best time to go up hills. How about Shimla?  Come and let the amazing rose groves greet you as you walk into Club Mahindra Kandaghat resort. And just to make it more surreal, gaze at a golden sky shot with dramatic colours in the evening. That’s a sunset for you in Kandaghat.


Club Mahindra Kandaghat, near Shimla

April and May

Summer is here; your kids are enjoying their annual holidays from school and are eagerly awaiting a vacation. Long weekends in these months are 4th April Ram Navami (Tuesday), 14th April Good Friday (Friday) & 1st May Labor Day (Monday)

If your kids haven’t tracked a tiger, then here’s your chance. A holiday at Club Mahindra Corbett gives you a perfect opportunity to watch the big cat in all its glory.


Club Mahindra Corbett

June and August

Monsoons have arrived and the atmosphere is perfect for a weekend getaway. 26th June Ramzan (Monday), 15th August Independence Day (Tuesday) and 25th August Ganesh Chaturthi (Friday).

So embrace the rains as you appreciate nature’s beauty in Coorg.  Located right in the middle of a beautiful co­ffee plantation, the Club Mahindra Madikeri resort is your perfect holiday getaway. Sample some yummy Kodava cuisine, have innumerable cups of wonderful  co­ffee or even wander around aimlessly, making your Coorg holiday a pure indulgence and nothing else


Club Mahindra Madikeri, Coorg


Head to Club Mahindra Puducherry during 2nd October weekend – Gandhi Jayanti falls on Monday. What better place to vacation at than a resort, set in a beautiful sea side town that used to be a French settlement? Complete with European-style avenues, churches and bistros, this little southern delight of a spot off­ers delectable food, soothing spirituality thanks to the Aurobindo Ashram here and beautiful, historic sights.


Club Mahindra Puducherry

Finally, plan your annual international holiday during the Diwali week starting 19th October Diwali (Thursday).

Enjoy an authentic Thai experience at Mac Boutique Suites by Mahindra Holidays. Exciting and unforgettable Bangkok certainly lives upto its reputation as travel hotspot. Dotted with funky markets, upmarket malls, a riverside full of surprise and vibrant nightlife, Bangkok indeed promises a great holiday.


Mac Boutique Suites, Bangkok by Mahindra Holidays

For more information about Club Mahindra vacations you can check out the website and also browse through Club Mahindra reviews by other members. If you are convinced enough, you could pay Club Mahindra membership fees and enjoy the benefits of travelling across these resorts for memorable vacations!

Make the maximum out of this year, go on a travel frenzy and give into your wanderlust. Happy holidays!!

Explore top holiday destinations with your family and have a comfortable stay in India’s favorite resort chain – Club Mahindra.

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