Best Time to Visit Gir Forest

A forest is a trove of secret treasures; one that holds within it beasts of the wild, birds of the air, and several types of flowers and plants. No wonder, then, that they make for great family escapes—there’s something to capture the attention of each member of the family! When you think of the forests in India, Gir—the home of the majestic Asiatic Lion—is among the first destinations that will come to mind.

Getting there
The Gir Forest is located in Gujarat. You may take a train to Junagadh, which is about 77km away by road. Alternatively, you may fly to Ahmedabad and then drive to Gir. Once you reach, you may book your stay at Club Mahindra, one the most comfortable resorts in Gir for a fun-filled holiday.

Best time to visit Gir Forest
December through March is considered to be the best time to visit Gir for a safari while April and May are the best months for spotting wildlife, making it a spectacular place to spend the school holidays! The sanctuary is shut from16th June to 15th October due to the monsoons.
Explore the wonders of the Gir Forest
Gir resorts are your best bet when you choose to vacation with family in the national park. The place is not just the only one in the world where you can currently spot the Asiatic Lion while on forest safari but is also teeming with other fascinating creatures of the wild. The leopard, Sambar deer, jackal, striped hyena, India fox, and the world’s only four-horned antelope, Chowsingha, also call the Gir Forest home. Several Gir resorts offer you the chance to go on enthralling bird-watching tours to explore the 200 plus avian species that reside in the dense jungles. The Marsh crocodile represents the reptile kingdom here.

Where to stay while in Gir
Located on the border of the Gir Sanctuary, the Club Mahindra Gir Resort is one of the best-located properties in the area. Despite being a jungle hideaway, the complex is well-appointed with 43 living spaces that include studio and one-bedroom options, making sure you and your kids enjoy the luxuries that are synonymous with Club Mahindra. Read about Club Mahindra member reviews to know how our members enjoy their family vacations with us!
The resort organizes several activities like treks, bird-watching trails, and jungle safaris for you to indulge in together as a family, making it a preferred Gir resort!

Indulge in such fun filled holiday activities in Gir with your family for a memorable stay at Club Mahindra Resort.

A holiday in the Gir Forest is a great mode to introduce your children to the animal kingdom. So, plan your summer family vacation at Club Mahindra Gir Resort! Make sure you read these Club Mahindra reviews by our delighted members before your next family vacation at Gir.
Join Club Mahindra, – India’s favorite resort chain to enjoy magical family holidays every year for 25 years!

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